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Our Clients

Open up opportunities to increase your business efficiency! Our professional & dedicated teams are well-versed in the compliance requirements for MNCs, holding companies, subsidiaries, sole proprietors and partnerships, as well as for niche markets such as the multi level marketing or network marketing business models.

Get access to a one-stop resource centre when you set up your establishments in Malaysia & Singapore with us now!

  1.  Industrial Lubricants (Germany)
  2. Multi Level Marketing (Japan, China, Usa, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore)
  3. Software Developers (Hong Kong)
  4. Inbound & Outbound Tour Operators (United Arab Emirates)
  5. Computerised Animation (Singapore, Hungary)
  6. Commercial Trading (Local & Overseas)
  7. Hospitality and F&B (Japan, Malaysia, Europe)
  8. Film Producers (Malaysia)
  9. Aviation Specialists (Malaysia)
  10. Yacht Chartering (Malaysia)

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" Caroline & Wu provided excellent advice that helped us not only save money but also expedite a seamless & trouble free process for all statutory! "
David Jackson
General Manager
KZ1 Global Sdn Bhd
" It is rare to find this in a team who are genuinely sincere and promptly professional in providing dependable personal service as well as being street wise qualified. "
Ken Muir
Managing Director
Stemtech Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. & Export Markets
" The way I see it, what they to do is not work to them, it is art; every job they undertake is a masterpiece in the making. "
Thomas Yap
Chief Executive Officer
SavantGarde Learning Solutions PLT
CW & Associates has deep knowledge and finance savviness that helps to suggest solutions to SME like mine as we aren’t familiar with the various policies of finance, tax and HR.
Tan Hock Seng
Managing Director
Arch & Ind Sdn Bhd
Upon establishing operations in SE Asia we were referred to CW & Associates for basic accounting services. We quickly realized we found a trusted advisor and business partner. They seem to know what our next set of challenges will be before we know them and they are always ready with practical solutions for us. When any business issue or question arises, my first call is to CW & Associates.
John Atkinson
Chief Financial Officer
Orion Genomics, LLC